Wellness Shake (Chocolate)

Wellness Shake (Chocolate)

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Balanced protein, fat, carbs & fiber in a tasty shake mix that will help keep you satisfied between meals with a balanced blend of essential macronutrients that are both gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly

With a balance of protein, fat, carbs and fiber, Wellness Shakes from Life Extension are a tasty and healthy alternative to between-meal snacking to help keep you going. Wellness Shakes contain only 1 gram of sugar and are made without any animal by-products or common allergens.

Our Wellness Shakes feature a blend of pea, whole-grain brown rice, chia & flaxseed proteins.

Wellness Shake (Chocolate) Benefits

  • Includes a balanced blend of essential macronutrients
  • Replaces between-meal snacking with reduced-calorie shakes
  • Contains only 1 gram of sugar
  • Uses no animal by-products or common allergens
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