Vitamin D3 Liquid Concentrate

Vitamin D3 Liquid Concentrate

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Support your immune system in the months ahead — Now for Children and Adults both.

Eniva® Vitamin D3 Liquid Concentrate provides natural, high potency Vitamin D3 liquid in an advanced, water-based bioactive nutrient delivery system. Research studies have clearly demonstrated the critical importance of Vitamin D (the "Sunshine Vitamin") in supporting multiple body systems and overall health.* Vitamin D in liquid form is easy to take and tastes great!


Vitamin D Supports:

• Healthy bones and muscles*
• Healthy cellular replication*
• Healthy immune function*
• Healthy mood and mental health*
• Healthy neurologic function*
• Healthy heart function*
• Healthy endocrine function - including blood glucose*

What makes Eniva Liquid Vitamin D different?

1. Eniva Liquid Vitamin D supplement is a natural, high potency, liquid Vitamin D nutraceutical formulated by a medical doctor and nutritional expert. It contains "bio-identical" Vitamin D – known as Vitamin D3.

2. Stabilized liquid delivery system: Enhances absorption, bioavailability and benefit to the body.* – Vitamin D is a fat-soluble nutrient. As such, it must under go several steps for the body to use it properly. Eniva Liquid Vitamin D has an advanced liquid delivery system that is pre-emulsified. The natural oil from Vitamin D is "fused" with water to help maximize efficient use and benefit by the body. • No binders, no fillers, no sugars, no stimulants, no artificial colors or flavors.

3. Great taste: Derived from natural flavors, there are no "questionable" artificial colors or flavors added.

4. Highest quality standards: Extensive heavy metal, pesticide, contaminant, microbial and active ingredient testing have been done according to strict quality guidelines.

5. Eniva Liquid Vitamin D is manufactured in the USA at an FDA inspected state-of-the-art nutraceutical facility strictly compliant with US Federal Regulations (21 CFR) and strict manufacturing GMPs.

6. Manufactured by Eniva Nutraceutics: People have trusted Eniva Nutraceutics for over 15 years to deliver safe and effective nutritional products to themselves and their loved ones.

Sunshine in a Bottle

Vitamin D, known as the sunshine vitamin, is an essential nutrient that is identified as a "pro-hormone" in the body. It goes to work at the DNA level in supporting multiple body systems to promote health.*

Evidence is clear that adults and children are not getting enough Vitamin D, even if they live in a sunny climate. Research is also clear that a deficiency of Vitamin D may increase the risk of various health challenges. Health professionals and health organizations are strongly supporting widespread Vitamin D supplementation for the promotion of health of both adults and children. Eniva Liquid Vitamin D represents the very finest in nutraceutical innovation for providing high potency Vitamin D3 in liquid form.



* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


• No Artificial Colors or Flavors
• Diabetic Friendly

• Vegetarian Friendly
• No Fish Ingredients
• Gluten Free
• Cold Processed
• No Irradiation
• No Pasteurization

  • Ingredients

    Ingredients: Purified water, xanthan gum, natural flavors, stevia leaf extract, citric acid, sorbic and/or benzoic acid(s) (protect freshness).

    • No Artificial Colors or Flavors
    • Diabetic Friendly

    • Vegetarian Friendly
    • No Fish Ingredients
    • Gluten Free
    • Cold Processed
    • No Irradiation
    • No Pasteurization

    Directions: Adults: 4 mL Daily (4 droppers). Not recommended to exceed more than 5 mL (5000 IU) of vitamin D per day.
    Children: 0.5 mL Daily (1/2 dropper).
    Shake well before using.

    Recommendations: May Combine with water / juice.

    Storage Directions: Avoid freezing and heat. Refrigerate upon receipt and after opening. It is normal with natural extracts and ingredients some settling may occur.

    CAUTION: Do not consume if tamper resistant seal is broken/missing. Do not consume if allergic to components found within product. As with all dietary supplements, contact your doctor before use. If taking prescription medications, have an ongoing medical condition, are pregnant, nursing or under age 14, consult doctor before use. Isolated vitamins or nutrients are best taken as part of a well balanced diet and broad supplement program. KEEP CAP TIGHTLY CLOSED. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

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