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Maintaining healthy blood flow in your extremities is important, especially for those who endure periods of immobility, such as long-distance travelers or office workers. Our unique VenoFlow formula combines the nattokinase enzyme with Pycnogenol French maritime pine bark extract to support healthy blood flow, vascular function, and the body’s natural blood-clotting process.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Powerful dual-action formula for vascular health
  • Encourages healthy circulation and blood flow
  • Promotes the body’s healthy clotting process1-4
  • Helps maintain healthy blood pressure already within the normal range5,6

More facts about VenoFlow

Blood flow, or circulation, is primarily powered by your heart - but the movement of blood throughout your body is also aided by physical activity. The circulatory health effects of a sedentary lifestyle should not be ignored,7-10 especially for people who have limited mobility or exercise infrequently, and even healthy professionals who sit for long periods at work.

Clotting, circulatory and cardiovascular health

Nattokinase is an enzyme extracted from the Japanese food natto made from fermented soybeans. Nattokinase has been shown to support the natural clotting process, promote healthy circulation,1-4 and help maintain healthy blood pressure already within the normal range.5,6,11,12

Endothelial health and vascular function

Pycnogenol is an extract of French maritime pine bark that contains procyanidin flavonoids, powerful phytonutrient compounds that offer strong antioxidant protection13-15 and help promote endothelial health and blood flow by inhibiting stress on the delicate vascular walls.16,17

Pycnogenol also encourages healthy nitric oxide levels in the arteries, which supports endothelial function and arterial blood flow,18 and has been shown to promote a healthy inflammatory response and help inhibit platelet aggregation, which help maintain healthy circulation.15,19

Help maintain healthy circulation with VenoFlow

Make VenoFlow a part of your circulatory health regimen today. It’s perfect for travelers, office workers, or anyone else who frequently experiences prolonged periods without movement.

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