RiboGen French Oak Wood Extract

RiboGen French Oak Wood Extract

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RiboGen™ French Oak Wood Extract helps reduce general fatigue and maintain healthy energy levels with unique bioactive polyphenol compounds called roburins that support healthy ribosomes, the small molecular factories in your cells that create proteins needed for energy production.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Promotes healthy ribosome production1
  • Helps reduce the effects of general fatigue2-5
  • Helps maintain energy at the cellular level
  • Made with a proprietary French oak tree extract

More facts about RiboGen ™ French Oak Wood Extract

Millions of Americans are plagued by the effects of general fatigue  unrefreshing sleep, low energy, physical weakness, and discomfort. But you don't have to be one of them: an effective solution exists that fights general fatigue at the cellular level by supporting healthy production of a little-known cellular organelle called a ribosome.

Cellular protein factories

In each of your cells, there can be as many as 10 million ribosomes, each creating proteins essential to cellular energy production. RiboGen™ is a proprietary extract of French oak (Quercus robur) wood. This unique extract promotes ribosomal biogenesis,6 the body's natural way of producing new ribosomes to rejuvenate ribosome function. 1

French oak wood extract in clinical studies

In several clinical studies, French oak wood extract helped relieve many of the effects caused by general fatigue: researchers found that this extract helped reduce weakness; promoted healthy, refreshing sleep; supported a positive mood; encouraged energy levels; and delivered head, joint, and muscle discomfort relief.2-5 It also helped protect against oxidative stress often increased by general fatigue.5,7,8

Supporting healthy ribosomal biogenesis

Promoting youthful ribosomal health at the cellular level helps maintain energy levels, supports the production of essential cellular proteins, helps maintain healthy body functions that rely on cellular energy metabolism, and, of course, helps reduce general fatigue.1

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