Purifying Facial Mask

Purifying Facial Mask

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Detox for clean & clear complexion

Designed to help limit oil buildup and support exfoliation, This Purifying Facial Mask helps inhibit the frequency of blemishes using zinc oxide, sulfur and camphor.

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Purifying Facial Mask Benefits

  • Zinc oxide helps minimize oil buildup
  • Sulphur supports skin exfoliation
  • Camphor enhances the delivery of zinc oxide & sulfur, as well as increases blood flow to the skin to promote clear skin

Throughout the day, dirt and excess oil can build up along the surface of the skin, making it easier for blemishes to develop. This innovative formula features scientifically studied compounds to help detox skin and promote a clean, clear complexion. It harnesses the strengths of zinc oxide, sulfur and camphor to help purify clogged pores of excess oil and dirt to soothe, smooth and support blemish-prone skin.

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