Keto Brain and Body Boost

Keto Brain and Body Boost

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Keto Brain and Body Boost

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Fuel for your mind & muscles

Keto Brain and Body Boost provides supplementary ketones that your mind and muscles can use for fuel.



Ketones are organic compounds that your body creates by breaking down fat. But you can get ketones even without swapping out carbohydrates for fat. Bioactive ketone β-hydroxybutyrate provides an energy substrate your brain and body can burn efficiently. This is especially great for those who are unable to ingest large quantities of fat, require a low-calorie diet, or are on a fasting regimen.

Ketones are organic compounds that your body can burn for energy instead of carbohydrates.

Keto Brain and Body Boost Benefits

  • Encourages mental clarity and muscle performance with bioactive ketone β-hydroxybutyrate
  • Promotes the metabolic benefits of ketogenesis with mangiferin from mango extract
  • Supports satiety and promotes healthy, prolonged energy with FiberSmart® resistant starch


Benefits Without the Fat

Fasting and low-calorie diets have widespread health benefits. One such program is the “keto” diet, which replaces carbohydrates with fat as your body’s primary fuel source. But for many, consuming a high-fat diet may not be possible for a variety of reasons including contradiction to several pre-existing health conditions. This formula gives you the mind- and muscle-boosting energy of ketones, without the fat intake. Now you can strengthen your body first with all the keto benefits and get that "health" ball rolling in a positive direction!


Product Details Below

Mangiferin from mango extract

Mangiferin is a plant compound found in several plants, including mangoes. Mangiferin promotes ketogenesis, encouraging increases in plasma ketone levels. In a randomized clinical trial, 150 mg a day of mangiferin for 12 weeks produced increased serum levels of ketone bodies. Blood lipid levels were favorably affected as well.

FiberSmart® digestive-resistant starch

Finally, Keto Brain and Body Boost provides a form of carbohydrate (starch) that is not readily digested and absorbed in the small intestine so it does not raise blood glucose levels. Instead, it is slowly fermented by bacteria in the large intestine to promote gut health. Resistant starch has many health-promoting benefits. Clinical research shows that it can support ketone production and produce a very small glycemic response. This type of starch may also help promote the feeling of fullness.

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