Hyaluronic Acid Facial Moisturizer

Hyaluronic Acid Facial Moisturizer

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Oil-free facial moisturization at your fingertips

Based on clinical testing, this formula is designed with your needs in mind. Using potent tea extracts, this light, oil-free facial moisturizer helps keep oily skin hydrated and protected, worry-free.

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Hyaluronic Oil-Free Facial Moisturizer Benefits

  • Softens, moisturizes & protects skin
  • Keeps excessively oily skin moisturized
  • Promotes healthy, younger-looking skin
  • Combines red, green & white tea extracts to combat the appearance of darkness, puffiness & other visible signs of aging

Formulated by dermatologist Gary Goldfaden, M.D., this oil-free formula helps keep oily skin hydrated. Keep skin looking youthful, healthy and hydrated without the hassle.

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