Fast-Acting Joint Formula, 30 caps

Fast-Acting Joint Formula, 30 caps

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Joint stiffness and discomfort can stand in the way of even simple everyday tasks. Fast-Acting Joint Formula provides three innovative ingredients formulated to provide joint support in days. Don't let soreness slow you down. Try Fast-Acting Joint Formula today!

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Formulated to relieve joint discomfort in just days
  • Combines three innovative ingredients for joint health
  • Helps inhibit joint inflammation and oxidation
  • Helps lubricate and cushion sensitive joint cartilage
  • Promotes healthy joint tissue growth

More facts about Fast-Acting Joint Formula

Fast-Acting Joint Formula combines Cynatine FLX, Decursinol-50, and Hyal-Joint - three unique ingredients that work together to support healthy, comfortable joints. This triple-action combo promotes joint comfort, inhibits inflammatory factors, and protects your joints against normal wear and tear:

Cynatine FLX -This peptide form of the protein keratin promotes healthy joint tissue in order to provide shock absorption, while supporting the body's oxidative defenses. This helps to maintain healthy joint structure and function. 1

Decursinol-50  - This clinically-studied ingredient is an extract of the Korean angelica plant, and has been shown to promote a healthy inflammatory response in your joints.2

Hyal-Joint - This patented blend of hyaluronic acid, collagen, and other glycosaminoglycans lubricates joints by encouraging the normally occurring viscosity of the cushioning synovial fluid that surrounds joint cartilage. Hyal-Joint also supports healthy joint tissue growth.

Fast-Acting Joint Formula helps maintain healthy, comfortable joint tissue. This unique supplement can be taken alone, or in combination with any one of our ArthroMax joint health formulas. Add Fast-Acting Joint Formula to your joint health regimen today!

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