Face Rejuvenating Anti-Oxidant Cream

Face Rejuvenating Anti-Oxidant Cream

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Renewing face cream to restore the look of youth

Use antioxidants like vitamin E and tea extracts to revitalize your skin. The powerful anti-aging nutrients in this face cream help quench free radicals and restore healthy, youthful-looking skin.

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Face Rejuvenating Anti-Oxidant Cream Benefits

  • Renews and refreshes youthful-looking skin
  • Lessens the appearance of creasing and skin pigmentation
  • Restores the appearance of healthy skin

Product Details

Between environmental factors and the process of time, issues like dehydration, creasing and changes in pigmentation on the face are common. This formula uses vitamin E, the powerful antioxidants in tea extracts and anti-aging ingredients to help nourish, rehydrate and protect youthful-looking skin. 

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