BEST IN CLASS Multivitamin: Comprehensive Nutrient Pack Advanced

BEST IN CLASS Multivitamin: Comprehensive Nutrient Pack Advanced

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We have combined our Best in Class multivitamins, best-selling CoQ10 and other top supplements in convenient single-serve packets to provide a strong foundation for health and longevity.


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    Adequate intake of vitamins and minerals is key to health and longevity. Since it can be difficult to get all the nutrients the body needs on a daily basis from diet alone, multi-nutrient supplementation helps ensure optimal intake. We’ve combined some of Life Extension’s top supplements in a convenient daily, single-serve packet.

    Nutrient Packs ADVANCED supplement is our top multivitamin with fish oil, CoQ10, curcumin and oil-based nutrients.

    Comprehensive Nutrient Packs ADVANCED Benefits

    • Delivers super-potent vitamin and mineral support
    • Supports whole-body health with an ultra-absorbable curcumin
    • Promotes cell energy & heart health with CoQ10
    • Supports heart & brain health with high-quality fish oil
    • Promotes healthy vision & more with fat-soluble vitamins and phytonutrients

    Comprehensive Support

    Each Comprehensive Nutrient Pack ADVANCED contains 2 Two-Per-Day Capsules, 2 softgels of Super Omega-3 EPA/DHA Fish Oil, Sesame Lignans & Olive Extract, 1 softgel of Once-Daily Health Booster, 1 softgel of Super Ubiquinol CoQ10 with Enhanced Mitochondrial Support™ 100 mg, and 1 capsule of Curcumin Elite™ Turmeric Extract, delivering the nutrients you need for health and longevity, organized in a convenient single-serve packet.

  • Product Details

    We have combined several of our best supplements to provide a strong foundation for health and longevity. Please note: each of these formulas is available as a stand-alone supplement. For more information (including a complete list of scientific references) please visit the individual product page on LifeExtension.com.

    Two-Per-Day Capsules This formula gives you a broad spectrum of the essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients the body needs. Many multivitamins give you only the average daily dose of vitamins and minerals. Our Two-Per-Day formula beats Centrum® Silver® Adults 50+ in 10 ways, including more of vitamins B1, B3, B6, B12, C, D & E; biotin; selenium; and zinc.

    Super Omega-3 EPA/DHA Fish Oil, Sesame Lignans & Olive Extract This supplement provides an optimal dose of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids, plus olive and sesame extracts for enhanced health benefits. Our Super Omega-3 fish oil formula delivers the EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids your body needs. It also contains potent olive polyphenols and sesame lignans for additional cardiovascular and cognitive health benefits.

    Once-Daily Health Booster Most people don’t get enough oil-based nutrients from their diet. So, we formulated our Once-Daily Health Booster to deliver high potencies of essential fat-soluble nutrients including vitamin K1 and several hard-to-find forms of vitamin K2, multiple forms of vitamin E, our MacuGuard® blend of valuable carotenoids for healthy vision, plus lycopene, saffron and more.

    Super Ubiquinol CoQ10 with Enhanced Mitochondrial Support™ CoQ10 promotes heart health and cellular energy production. Super Ubiquinol CoQ10 with Enhanced Mitochondrial Support™ is formulated with a highly bioavailable ubiquinol form of coenzyme Q10 and augmented with the adaptogen PrimaVie® shilajit, which is shown to further increase CoQ10 absorption and promote cellular energy production.

    Curcumin Elite™ Turmeric Extract Curcuminoid compounds are what gives curcumin its health benefits. Curcumin Elite™ Turmeric Extract delivers turmeric curcumin benefits for broader tissue uptake of free curcuminoids than standard curcumin by combining curcumin with a kind of fiber derived from fenugreek seeds.

    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

  • Supplement Facts

    Supplement Facts


    Serving Size 2 capsules

    Servings Per Container 30

    Amount Per Serving

    Vitamin A (as beta-carotene, acetate) (5,000 IU)

    1500 mcg

    Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid, calcium and niacinamide ascorbates)

    470 mg

    Vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol) (2,000 IU)

    50 mcg

    Vitamin E (as D-alpha tocopheryl succinate, D-alpha tocopherol)

    67 mg

    Thiamine (vitamin B1) (as thiamine HCI)

    75 mg

    Riboflavin (vitamin B2) (as riboflavin, riboflavin 5’-phosphate)

    50 mg

    Niacin (as niacinamide, niacinamide ascorbate)

    50 mg

    Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine HCI, pyridoxal 5’-phosphate)

    75 mg

    Folate (as L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate calcium salt)

    400 mcg

    Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin)

    300 mcg


    300 mcg

    Pantothenic acid (as D-calcium pantothenate)

    50 mg

    Iodine (as potassium iodide)

    150 mcg

    Magnesium (as magnesium oxide)

    100 mg

    Zinc (as zinc citrate, L-OptiZinc® zinc mono-L-methionine sulfate)

    25 mg

    Selenium [as sodium selenite, SelenoExcell® high selenium yeast, Se-methyl L-selenocysteine]

    200 mcg

    Manganese (as manganese citrate, gluconate)

    2 mg

    Chromium [as Crominex® 3+ chromium stabilized with Capros® amla extract (fruit), PrimaVie® Shilajit]

    200 mcg

    Molybdenum (as molybdenum amino acid chelate)

    100 mcg


    50 mg

    Alpha lipoic acid

    25 mg

    Natural mixed tocopherols (providing gamma, delta, alpha, beta)

    20 mg

    Bio-Quercetin phytosome (providing 5 mg quercetin [from Japanese sophora concentrate (flower bud)], phosphatidylcholine complex [from sunflower]) 15 mg

    Marigold extract (flower) [std. to 5 mg trans-lutein, 155 mcg trans-zeaxanthin]

    11.12 mg


    5 mg

    Boron (as boron amino acid chelate)

    3 mg

    Lycopene [from LycoBeads ® natural tomato extract (fruit)]

    1 mg

    Other ingredients: vegetable cellulose (capsule), starch, maltodextrin, vegetable stearate, dicalcium phosphate, silica, microcrystalline cellulose.

    with Sesame Lignans & Olive Extract

    Serving Size 2 softgels

    Servings Per Container 30

    Amount Per Serving



    Total Fat

    2.5 g


    < 5 mg

    Pure+™ Wild Fish Oil Concentrate

    2000 mg



    EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid)

    700 mg

    DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)

    500 mg

    Polyphen-Oil™ Olive extract (fruit and leaf) [providing 19.5 mg polyphenols, 5.2 mg hydroxytyrosol/tyrosol, 4.4 mg verbascoside/oleuropein]

    300 mg

    Sesame seed lignan extract

    10 mg

    Other ingredients: highly refined fish oil concentrate (Anchovy), gelatin, glycerin, purified water, silica, beeswax, caramel color, natural flavor, sunflower lecithin, mixed tocopherols, maltodextrin, rosemary extract.



    Serving Size 1 softgel

    Amount Per Serving

    Vitamin E (as D-alpha tocopherol)

    30.2 mg

    Vitamin K activity from:

    3735 mcg

    Vitamin K1 (as phytonadione)

    2000 mcg

    Vitamin K2 (as menaquinone-4)

    1500 mcg

    Vitamin K2 (as menaquinone-6)

    11 mcg

    Vitamin K2 (as trans-menaquinone-7) 181 mcg

    Vitamin K2 (as menaquinone-9)

    43 mcg

    MacuGuard® proprietary blend:

    173 mg

    phospholipids, marigold extract (flower) [providing 10 mg free lutein, 4 mg meso-zeaxanthin & trans-zeaxanthin], mixed carotenoids [providing 1.24 mg α-carotene]  

    Chlorophyllin (as sodium magnesium chlorophyllin)

    100 mg

    Mixed tocotrienols

    55 mg

    Saffron extract (stigma)

    20 mg

    Lycopene proprietary blend [from micronized lycopene and Lyc-O-Mato® natural tomato extract (fruit)]

    10 mg

    Other ingredients: flax seed oil, gelatin, glycerin, microcrystalline cellulose, purified water, safflower oil, corn oil, beeswax, palm oil, silica, acacia gum, carob color, maltodextrin.


    Enhanced Mitochondrial Support™

    Serving Size 1 softgel

    Amount Per Serving



    Total Fat

    0.5 g

    Ubiquinol (as Kaneka Ubiquinol™)

    100 mg

    PrimaVie® Shilajit fulvic acid complex

    100 mg

    Other ingredients: sunflower oil, gelatin, glycerin, purified water, beeswax, sunflower lecithin, annatto color.


    CURCUMIN ELITE™ Turmeric Extract

    Serving Size 1 vegetarian capsule

    Amount Per Serving
    Curcumin Elite™ Proprietary CGM blend 400 mg

    providing 40% curcuminoids (200 mg) and 3% turmerones (15 mg) [from turmeric (rhizome)], 30% galactomannans (150 mg) [from fenugreek (seed)]


    Other ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose, vegetable cellulose (capsule), vegetable stearate, silica.


    Lyc-O-Mato® and LycoBeads® are registered trademarks of Lycored, Corp.
    SelenoExcell® is a registered trademark of Cypress Systems Inc.
    L-OptiZinc® & logo are registered trademarks of Lonza or its affiliates.
    LuteinPlus® and MZ® are registered trademarks of Nutriproducts Ltd., UK, licensed under U.S. Patent 8,623,428.
    Crominex® 3+, Capros® and PrimaVie® are patent protected and registered trademarks of Natreon, Inc.
    Q+®, Kaneka Ubiquinol™, and the quality seal™ are registered or pending trademarks of Kaneka Corp.

    Dosage and Use
    • Take one (1) packet daily with a meal, or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.
    • To ensure product consistency, store tightly closed in a cool, dry place.

    Individuals consuming more than 50 mcg (2,000 IU)/day of vitamin D (from diet and supplements) should periodically obtain a serum 25-hydroxy vitamin D measurement. Vitamin D supplementation is not recommended for individuals with high blood calcium levels. If you are taking anticoagulants e.g. Warfarin (Coumadin®) or antiplatelet medications, consult your healthcare provider before taking this product.


    • Do not purchase if outer seal is broken or damaged.
    • When using nutritional supplements, please consult with your physician if you are undergoing treatment for a medical condition or if you are pregnant or lactating.

    To report a serious adverse event or obtain product information, contact 1-866-280-2852.

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