Complete Probiotics for Kids: 10 Billion CFU

Complete Probiotics for Kids: 10 Billion CFU

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Researchers now know that many infants are born with a gut flora that lacks healthy diversity and beneficial bacteria. And further insults during childhood, such as poor diet, processed and genetically engineered foods, pesticides, pollution, chlorine, fluoride and antibiotics can harm “good,” or beneficial, gut microbes.

That’s why Dr. Mercola developed Complete Probiotics Powder Packets for Kids, to support growing bodies and minds. Containing the same comprehensive probiotic formula as his Complete Probiotics formula, this kid's probiotic delivers high-quality and effective bacteria strains in the ideal dose for children: 10 billion CFUs – less than the adult Probiotics Packets, which contain 70 Billion CFU but far more than what other child probiotic products provide.

“Good” probiotic bacteria can only provide potential benefits if the strains can survive your child’s stomach’s harsh acid environment and bile acids in the intestine. For our Probiotics Packets for Kids, we selected strains of beneficial bacteria that are acid- and bile-resistant for maximum survival and benefits.

Suitable for both short-term use and long-term maintenance, all of his Complete Probiotics flood the body with 10 strains of exceptional beneficial bacteria, including long-lasting L. acidophilus DDS-1, which supports your health in many different ways.

Plus, the formula contains added prebiotics in the form of Inulin, or Fructooligosaccharide (FOS), to help nourish the probiotics and allow them to thrive while they settle into your child’s intestinal tract.

Each power-packed dose of Complete Probiotics Powder Packets for Kids:

  • Packs 10 billion "gut-friendly" bacteria.
  • Promotes an optimal environment for the growth of good bacteria.*
  • Provides valuable support for your child’s immune health.*
  • Helps support healthy blood pressure levels already in the normal range.*

Packaged in convenient, 30 pre-measured packets, our Probiotics Packets for Kids are easy to take. Simply tear open a packet and mix with water or juice. Your child will love the delicious raspberry flavor.

And best of all, they contain ZERO grams of sugar!

Take control of your child's immune and digestive function with Complete Probiotics Powder Packets for Kids!

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