Bone Restore Chewables!

Bone Restore Chewables!

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Benefits at a Glance:

  • Promotes bone health and density with calcium, vitamin D3 and more
  • Daily dose of two delicious, chocolate, sugar-free chewable calcium tablets
  • Provides 700 mg of calcium and 1,000 IU of vitamin D3
  • Also provides vital magnesium, zinc, manganese, boron, and silicon

We all know calcium helps maintain bone density and strength. But what you might not realize is that dietary calcium must be accompanied by adequate amounts of other vital nutrients in order for it to be most effective. That's why we've paired easily-absorbable calcium with vitamin D3 and essential bone healthy minerals - all wrapped up in a delicious chocolate chewable calcium tablets.

More Facts about Bone Restore Chocolate Sugar-Free

Most people don't take enough calcium to offset the amount being lost in the course of normal aging. So our new Bone Restore supplement delivers 700 total mg of easily absorbable calcium carbonate and calcium citrate. These two unique kinds of calcium are the optimal forms for calcium supplementation.

Vitamins and minerals for bone health

But bone density isn't just a matter of getting enough calcium: You also have to have sufficient intake of other nutrients1 like magnesium,1 vitamin D3,2,3 zinc,4 manganese,5 and more. These nutrients are essential cofactors in bone maintenance and development. Vitamin D, for instance, plays a critical role in calcium absorption.6

Magnesium is a critical component of our skeleton; up to 60% of all the magnesium in our bodies is located in our skeletons.7 Zinc, manganese, and silicon8 support healthy bone formation. Manganese also helps your body form connective tissue.9

Avoid pill fatigue - try a chocolate chewable instead

We've formulated this new Bone Restore supplement as a delicious chocolate chewable calcium tablet because we know that it can be hard to keep up with a comprehensive supplement regimen. Plus, there's all kinds of reasons why you'd rather eat chocolate than swallow a pill.

But don't worry - our new Bone Restore Chocolate is sugar-free ... making it guilt-free as well. So just two tablets a day helps promote strong, healthy bones and won't spoil your diet either!

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