Bifido GI Balance, 60 veg caps

Bifido GI Balance, 60 veg caps

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Probiotics literally means "for life." Traditional diets (like the Mediterranean Diet) with foods that contain probiotics have been shown to promote health and longevity.1

Probiotics are thought to facilitate healthy GI and perform many other important functions. For example, researchers have discovered that probiotics help decrease nuclear factor kappa B (NFkB), a pro-inflammatory cytokine, and positively modulate cellular signaling pathways.2

Studies have also shown that probiotics can influence healthy gene expression of immune cells in the gut.3 Properly formulated probiotics provide biologically active materials that can positively influence many aspects of human health.4

70%-80% of immunoglobulin-producing cells reside in the gut which is populated by nearly 100 trillion microorganisms, many of which are beneficial bacteria.5 These bacteria are considered a living part of the human organism.6 With age, we can experience a decline in vital beneficial bacteria and the strength of the immune system. Restoring the gut's friendly bacteria can stimulate and regulate healthy immune function.3,6

BB536, Bifidobacterium longum, increases the number of healthy bacteria in the colon.7 An in vivo study demonstrated a significant increase in longevity in mice supplemented with bifidobacteria.8 BB536; was also found to inhibit production of inflammatory compounds called cytokines.9

Each capsule of Bifido GI Balance provides two billion colony-forming units of viable healthy bacteria.

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