Golden-Gate Health Pantry


Our Golden-Gate Pantry (GGP) offers health support to children in need by providing them with nutritional supplements through Foster Care and Food Pantry Organizations. It can be challenging for kids to get the amount of nutritional care that their growing bodies need, especially for families who are experiencing hardship. Although it's no substitute for healthy meals, the GGP is designed to assist these children by filling in nutritional gaps with quality multivitamins.  Additionally, we provide nutritional support to pets at rescue centers of your choice. Pets in rescue have often been found abandoned, & starving. Our supplements help rescue centers to revive these pets quickly & effectively with enhanced nutritional support. 

Your contributions help to make these efforts a truly heart warming success!

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 Pineapple Trade cares about kids - We proudly donate to children in need!

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Your donations help to provide health supplements & support to children in Foster Care & Food Pantry Organizations. Read the description for GGP on this page for more details.

We also donate to pet rescue centers of your choice, to help revive weak & malnourished pets that have been abused, neglected, or abandoned.  

We warmly thank you for your support! 


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