Frequently Asked Questions

Why the name "Pineapple Trade"?

Did you know? The pineapple is the universal welcome symbol. At pineapple trade we wish to extend a warm welcome to everyone! Our name "Pineapple Trade" is an acronym that represents our values as a company... We invite you to get to know us and view our acronym in the ABOUT page to see what we stand for!

Why should I shop here? What makes Pineapple Trade different?

Pineapple trade is a small, humanitarian, wellness boutique! We only offer premium & specialty products that measure up to our "top quality" standards. Because our items are unique, we keep the "shop by health concerns" list conveniently located on every page, so that you can easily find that perfect, high quality, remedy for a wide variety of health conditions. Shopping at Pineapple Trade not only supports a small business, it also helps to support under privlidged children in your community. Please see our Golden-Gate Health Pantry to learn more! We value and appreciate your support! Please see our ABOUT page. We also invite you to CONTACT us with feedback, questions, or comments! We love hearing from our customers. Thank you for your interest in Pineapple Trade!

Does Pineapple Trade provide nutritional support to underprivileged children?

Yes! We are active in providing and encouraging nutritional support to children in Foster Care & Through Food Pantry Organizations! Please see the GGP page to learn more about our Health Pantry. We love our community and we do what we can to show that we care!

How can I support the Golden-Gate Health Pantry?

Thank you so much for your interest in helping to support the children in our community! Please visit the GGP page to learn more or make a donation. We thank you so much for supporting our pantry and the children in need!

What is Pineapple Trade's Return Policy

Your satisfaction is very important to us! To make a return please contact us within two weeks of your purchase date. All returns must be made unused, unopened, and in it's original packaging. Our company has a desire to give back! We donate a portion of our sales to children in need through our GGP program. Every sale goes towards that effort - For that reason and the dividing of funds on our orders, our small business loses a lot on returns. Your satisfaction is worth it to us! We ask that you please be prompt about letting us know of your need to return and please keep the product and it's packaging in safe, clean, & in re-usable conditions while in your care. We really appreciate your business and support! We invite you to learn more about us and what we stand for. ​Happy shopping! ​

Do you price match?

Absolutely! You can shop in total confidence. Also check out our VIP Members plan. It's free to join and you will be eligible for special VIP discounts and daily promo codes that are specific to the items in your shopping cart.

Why don't you carry more products???

At Pineapple Trade, we only offer products that measure up to our "top quality" standards. Every product is one that we are eager to use ourselves. Additionally our small business is in the process of growth. As we expand in order to better meet your needs, we will continue to research and screen our products for top quality standards in order to continue offering you the very best! In the meantime we invite you to CONTACT us with product requests. We have more products available than just what's been added to the online store, so we may have what you're looking for!