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 Golden-Gate Health Pantry (GGP)

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- The pineapple is the universal welcome symbol -

We warmly welcome everyone to our site and to good health!

Our company-values are proudly displayed below in an acronym for PINEAPPLE Trade

     We are so glad that you've taken a moment to learn about us! Pineapple Trade is a small, humanitarian company, available online and located in Central Wisconsin, US. We are family owned & operated, and we are active in providing community support!


 As a wellness boutique, we are highly interested in the health and wellbeing of our customers!  It is our deep desire to provide you with powerful and effective supplements for optimal health support! With that in mind, we only offer premium & specialty products that measure up to our "top quality" standards. Because our items are unique, we keep the "shop by health concerns" list conveniently located on every page, so that you can easily find that perfect, high quality, remedy for a wide variety of health conditions. 


     Pineapple Trade offers & encourages strong community support through our Golden-Gate Health Pantry - designed to provide nutritional support through supplementation to kids in Foster Care & Food Pantry Organizations.


      As a new business we really appreciate your support and feedback! We're still in the process of growth and your business is highly valued as our company continues into full bloom. Thanks for supporting a small business. We look forward to serving you.

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